I want to know who did this and why.

I still don't know how to thank you.

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Even smart folks become absent-minded at times.


Your dog is over there.

Try not to worry about us.

Tickets are $30 for adults and children are free.

What does she think of herself?

You're pretty upset, aren't you?

When to turn the corner is a difficult problem.

Do you accept the Visa card?

Louie hasn't yet done what he promised he would do.

I won't work with Brodie.

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The father took the boy by the hand and helped him across the street.

We should give Lynne some time to think about it.

We're approximately the same height.

Jef is afraid of my dog.

Juha dropped out of college when he was a junior.

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One of my best friends has failed me.

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I'm pretty sure that my cat ate my hamster.


Fred whimpered.


We need another person to play cards.

I don't like gambling.

The wind wandered moaning round the house like a lost soul.

Typhus is a contagious disease.

Do you have a larger size?

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I want a suit made of this material.

I walked the dog in spite the rain.

Hello! My name is Nicholas Unless-Jesus-Christ-Had-Died-For-Thee-Thou-Hadst-Been-Damned Barbon.

I don't like anything.

Women are all the same.

I don't have your boots.

Tell Carter that we're not going to help him.

The tree is flowering.

Remarking on the incessant rain, John huddled under his umbrella and strode off to work.

Did Takao say which way he'd be heading?

Griff didn't look as excited as Hirofumi.

This ship needs a new captain.

That gold ring belonged to my mother.

Can you find it?

Brender's grades are much better than Jean-Pierre's.

You cannot be too polite when you meet the president.

This isn't the way to do it.

Jared has been here as long as I can remember.

Shadow is omnilingual. He can speak every language on Earth.

This sentence does not belong to me.

We have Sangho's signed confession.


I wish it were possible.

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Kamiya understood exactly what Henry wanted him to do.

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I think Raymond isn't likely to go to Boston any time soon.

I hate fanatics.

It seems safe enough.

I also want it!

Let's eat out next Sunday.

I'm going to head back to the office.

I'll never forget the look on her face.

Los Angeles is one of the places I want to visit.

If Juha is really alive, where is he?

The island showed black in the moonlight.

The law obliges us to send our children to school.


Butler pointed to Rayan.

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Jem said he'd be back right away.


What was Boston like?

Excuse me, but I can barely hear you.

The traveler arrived in New York in the evening.

Oscar is a total idiot.

Guy, what's wrong with you tonight?


Did you have to share a bedroom with your brothers or sisters?

Maybe that's just what he wants you to believe.

I often went to the movies with dad.

The soldiers are going through severe training.

I spent my vacation at the beach.

He knows how to clean his rifle.

I've been taken by surprise.

To think too long about doing a thing often becomes its undoing.

How do you think this change will be received?

You'll never be as good as Frederic.

The students stood waiting for a bus.

The government turned down the request.

Monica is now on his own.

I can't tell you how much I've missed you.

I just want to be a normal person.

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I know about your cancer.

I'm not worth saving.

This fact must not be forgotten.


Everyone has a right to enjoy his liberty, and all the more, his life.


I want them to respect me.

What's the world's highest mountain?

Man has been writing for about 6000 years.


I know what you did to them.

They are sitting at the table.

I got on the bus and took a look around.

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Comfort her.

Remember that you will die.

James often gets ear infections.


His neighbors are suspicious of him.

I can do it, no problem.

It's foolish for you to swim when it's this cold.

Well may she admire her father.

The post office is just past the bank.

Please talk to Narendra.

I will check what time the train arrives.

I really hate it.

Amedeo played tennis each Monday.

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Are you the science teacher?


She had no tissues to wipe away her tears.

I like that movie too.

Sedovic is careless about money.

Winnie has agreed to testify.

Koko continued to learn fast.

I went to college with them.

Students will take one of these English courses.

It was careless of you to leave your camera in the taxi.

I don't joke around.

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Dan was subdued by the police before he could light a match and set himself on fire.

Heidi was angry because he hadn't been invited to Kyung's party.

There's no cause for alarm.


The doctor told Robert he'd just have to learn to live with the pain.

I'll turn it over to them.

"So, are you really dating Larry?" "What? Who'd you hear that from?"

A terrible thing happened.

Where was the meeting?

We couldn't stop him from hitting her.

I need to work on that.

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I have bad news.

I don't like being inside.

Many Americans eat hamburgers.


Two is the only prime whose successor is prime.

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If John had come, I wouldn't have had to.

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I am turning the sound of the radio down.

Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken.

I fear for the future of mankind.

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We're running out of options.

He wore red pants.

It's evil.

Dwight didn't even have the courtesy to say that he was sorry.

Ozan has been looking for another lawyer.

You must work faster.

Who do you think is the best French speaker here?

Do you have some paper or something?

I should probably help him.


This is the only alternative worth considering.


Don't believe the media.

I think assassins have been invented by fathers and mothers to frighten children who want to run away at night.

The hunter aimed at the bird, but missed.

There are plenty of rocks.

For fear of accidents, please drive slowly.


I'm the one who'll take care of you.

Kenn wanted to thank you.

I hope it's nothing serious.

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Shari sings in the church choir.

The patient will soon recover from his illness.

This girl is the most intelligent.

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I never even saw it.


I have been looking for you.


Naim's drunk.

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It's the perfect moment for a kiss.

The pencil is not long.

Panacea and Vick just don't trust John.

I'm not working tonight.

Fortunately, they escaped the danger.


We went walking on the shore of the lake.